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Village’s farm has ‘excellent crop year’

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nick Suess, farm manager for Busey Ag Services, made his annual visit to the board on Feb 1 to deliver his report of the farming results for 2015. The village owns 141 acres of farmland near the water treatment plant.

Suess presented a distribution check to Village Treasurer Rhonda Stewart in the amount of $40,000. Since payment is deferred, the income is actually for crops planted in 2014.

Village of Forsyth Farm

Corn Harvest

  • 283.5 bushels per acre
  • 56.49 acres

Soybean Harvest

  • 60.4 bushels per acre
  • 85.34 acres

“It was an excellent crop year somehow,” Suess said. “The rain just came at the right time.”

Suess said that the farm, with both corn and soybeans, made about $280 per acre this year. He added that corn generally produces more crop.

Corn was planted over 56.49 acres and yielded 283.5 bushels per acre. The soybean crop was planted over 85.34 acres and yielded 60.4 bushels per acre.

Trustee Jim Peck asked the question of how to go about getting a better yield from the farm property.

Part of the answer is that the farm has some significant drainage issues that should be addressed, Suess said.

“I would talk to some drainage contractors to come up with a drainage proposal,” Suess said. “It wouldn’t take five years for a project like this to pay for itself.”

Suess said the aim of a drainage project is to move water off the property by ditch or underground outlet.

Since two of the farm’s wettest areas are located near one another, Trustee Bob Gruenewald said a drainage project might be something to consider.

“A limited approach might be worth exploring,” Gruenewald said. “Not over 141 acres, just a few acres.”

Peck agreed with that idea.

“I tend to agree,” Suess said.

Suess described the current farmers who farm the property — John Chenoweth and Steve Volle — as “excellent.”

Busey’s farm management fee, as reported by Suess in his report, was $3,344.08

As is the case every year, planting for 2016 will be reversed as part of the crop rotation plan.

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