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Volunteers needed for Chili Cookoff ad hoc planning committee

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Efforts are underway to form a volunteer ad hoc planning committee for the seventh Great Forsyth Regional Chili & Salsa Cookoff following unanimous Board approval Aug. 1.

“It’s important for a volunteer committee to be set up,” said Mayor Hap Gilbert, who encourages residents to help plan the event, to be held Jan. 14 at Hickory Point Mall. An earlier Board meeting discussion about the cookoff had ended in a stalemate, with a divided Board questioning everything from staff involvement to the Village’s annual $1,000 contribution to defray costs associated with the one-day event. Gilbert said he understood Village Administrator Heather Kimmons’ position that change was needed to alleviate staff workload for the event. She had asked trustees to consider becoming more personally involved with the event. The mayor informed trustees that a conversation with Kimmons and Village Clerk Kathy Mizer resulted in the idea to “…use this year to transition everything to a sponsor” in future years. It was not possible to make the change this year since the Village is listed as the official sponsor in accordance with the official rules and regulations for an International Chili Society (ICS) sanctioned cookoff, Gilbert said.

Previous efforts to find a new sponsor during the past four years have been unsuccessful. Gilbert suggested Forsyth Sunrise Rotary Club as the ideal choice, but trustee and Rotary member Larry Reed said a dwindling membership and members with full-time employment make it unlikely that the group could help.

Trustee Steve Hubbard said the mayor’s plan for the transition is a good compromise. “I hope everyone understands the intent,” he said.

Gilbert projected that participants would meet three to four times prior to the event to help with planning.

To volunteer to serve on the ad hoc cookoff committee, call Village Hall at 877-9445.

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