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Voters elect Johnson to be first woman mayor

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Longtime Forsyth resident Marilyn Johnson, previously a Village trustee for 16 years, was elected Forsyth’s first woman mayor in the April 9 election, replacing retiring mayor Hap Gilbert. She defeated fellow trustee Eric Morr in the election by a vote of 476 to 428. Johnson had campaigned on a platform of being a low-key consensus builder who would encourage open dialogue and progressive thinking, noting that she will “...respect the decision of the majority, even if I disagree with it.”

Johnson had formerly served as mayor pro-tem for eight years. She will serve a four-year term as mayor. Morr, whose four-year term as trustee ends April 30, had campaigned on the concept of sustainability, pledging to keep taxes low and spend wisely.

“I’m not happy about leaving – Forsyth has a good thing going and I wanted to be a part of it,” he said in his April 15 trustee email update to Forsyth residents. “It was fun being helpful. I learned a lot. Thanks for your input over the years.”

Three residents were elected to open trustee seats on the Village Board, including incumbent Steve Hubbard (492 votes), Dave Wendt (444) and Bob Gruenewald (509). They prevailed against Sarah Woollen (399) and Jim Mathews (384) for three four-year terms.

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