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Wanting renters? Check the rules first.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thinking about renting out that spare bedroom in your home to bring in some extra cash? Better check out the Village ordinances first.

Soliciting non-family or “nonfamily- functioning” adult renters is clearly prohibited by the Village’s zoning ordinances, says Village Administrator Heather Kimmons. The issue was discussed at the Aug. 15 Village Board meeting after some residents complained about two suspected violations of the Village’s R-1 single family housing regulation.

Kimmons said one of the complaints was directed toward a homeowner in Schroll Pointe Estates where neighbors suspected non-family members were living. “This was one of the first complaints I heard when I arrived [as Village Administrator] a year ago,” Kimmons said. “Complaints regarding the property eased over the winter, but resumed this summer.” She told trustees she has spoken directly with the homeowner and does not detect any past or present ordinance violation.

Village Attorney Darrell Woolums said there does appear to be an issue with a “circular definition” in the ordinance centered on the word “family.” Woolums provided no direction on amending the ordinance, but a colleague from his law firm who attended the Board meeting in his absence said the situation is a “topic that is ripe for discussion.” Kimmons notes she is not aware of what more the Village can do to strengthen its ordinance, as suggested by trustee Eric Morr, without it becoming unduly controlling. Morr said he was concerned about the adaptation of large Forsyth homes into spaces for apartment living. “If the ordinance is clear enough, I don’t think it’s a big issue yet,” Morr said.

However, Morr did take issue with a second resident complaint that an R-1 property owner in Stevens Creek Estates had advertised for non-family adult renters.

“Our R-1 zoning does not allow it,” Morr said. The homeowner was contacted, and the advertising ended. Kimmons said no Board action or discussion was necessary.

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