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Water meter replacements, sump pump inspections resume

Monday, April 18, 2011

Find an orange tag on your front door? It’s a sign that the Village’s Public Works Department has resumed sump pump inspections and water meter replacements. Residents who receive orange tags should call Village Hall at 877- 9445 to schedule an appointment.

Public Works Director Larry Coloni said 57 percent of the water meters have been replaced throughout the Village and 22 percent of sump pump inspections have been completed.

The inspections began in fall 2009 in Stevens Creek subdivision as part of a Village-wide effort to discover causes for sewer back-up problems that occurred in some Forsyth homes during a heavy rain event in late 2008. Since that time, crews have moved to other areas of the Village. The inspections are mandatory, and residents will be notified by mail if appointments are not made.

In recent weeks, Coloni’s crew members have also worked on other maintenance projects throughout the Village. Downed trees in Stevens Creek and in the main part of Forsyth Park were cleaned up and disposed, and several potholes have been filled. Also, some trenches have been filled along trails where new lighting had been recently installed.

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