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Winds wreak havoc on fields

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some mighty winds passed through here in early April, the results of which were seen on a couple of ball fields at Forsyth Park. A dugout was damaged on Diamond No. 5, and a light pole fell at Diamond No. 1, doing damage to the light and pole and falling on some fencing.

“We think it (the pole) was rocking back and forth, and it sheered,” Public Works Director Larry Coloni said.

The fence has already been repaired, and the lights and pole are being ordered, which could take a few weeks, Coloni said.
Trustees Bob Gruenewald and David Wendt asked about testing the structural integrity of the park’s other lights.

Coloni said he thought the problem actually might be due to a an incident about 10 years ago when a carnival worker bumped the same pole with a vehicle and moved it about four inches.

The damage to the dugout on Diamond No. 5 on the visitors’ side saw high winds blow the dugout’s roof off. The price to repair the dugout could potentially be as high as $5,000, according to Coloni.

At the April 18 meeting Coloni asked that the formal bidding process be waived to expedite replacing the pole and lights. He said the company is ready to replace the pole immediately.

“They’re on standby waiting to put the new pole up, so we have it in time for baseball season,” Coloni said.

The cost of replacement is $27,500, which will be covered by insurance.

“There’s a $500 deductible, so the cost to the village is negligible,” Village Administrator David Strohl told trustees.

Gruenewald pointed out that the advantage of the bidding process is that it keeps prices down, which Coloni agreed with.

“I’m not opposed to that, but this is urgent,” Coloni said, referring to the pending start of the baseball season.

Trustee Larry Reed made the motion to replace the pole and waive the bidding process, which was seconded by Trustee

Kerstin Trachtenberg. All votes were in favor.

Scoreboard or disco?
Diamond No. 5 is also been experiencing some scoreboard malfunctions in this early spring season. It’s a problem the scoreboard company said they hadn’t seen before, Coloni said.

“One resident said the scoreboard looks like disco lights,” Wendt said.

Coloni said the repairs will all be done under warranty, which covers everything except for the time spent fixing the problem.

“We’re replacing all new circuit boards, hopefully that cures the problem,” Coloni said.

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