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Youth league willing to help pay for protective netting

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Giles says group has $10K earmarked for the project

Resident Zeth Giles made a repeat visit to the September 18 Board meeting to inquire if there had been any further discussion about his earlier request back in May for trustees to consider adding protective netting and fencing to some of the ball diamonds at Forsyth Park.

Giles expressed his concerns at the May 1 meeting when, speaking as a Forsyth Youth League board member, he told trustees of his concern for the safety of spectators and players at the Forsyth Park diamonds. Specifically, Giles was concerned about injuries that have occurred from foul balls traveling from one ball diamond to another since the diamonds are so closely situated.

At last week’s meeting, he updated trustees that the youth league was willing to donate $10,000 to the project.

During the May meeting, Mayor Marilyn Johnson asked Giles to leave his contact information for Village Administrator David Strohl.

Giles was apologetic about coming back to press the Board on the subject, but he said the matter is a safety issue.

“It’s just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt,” he said.

Giles said he had gotten some quotes and had passed those on to Trustee David Wendt.

Trustee Jim Peck said that he and Public Works Director Larry Coloni, Strohl and Wendt had met at the diamonds to discuss this issue and a number of related issues.

“We haven’t forgotten about it,” Peck said.

Peck and Johnson assured Giles that there would be a follow up to his concerns.

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