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Zupkoff wins scholarship

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Andrew Zupkoff, the Village’s community and economic development coordinator, has been keeping himself busy with his energetic approach to his job. To that end, he’s also been a good steward of the public trust seeking out funding for conferences and classes that he attends on behalf of the Village.

In October, it was announced that he was awarded a scholarship that will cover his registration fees to the 2017 Competitiveness Conference and Site Selector Forum coming up in December in Chicago. The scholarship, part of the Bob Ady Scholarship Program, will also pay for some travel expenses.

The Mid-America Economic Development Council board of directors, based in Columbus, Ohio, made its selections of 2017 Ady recipients a few weeks ago, and Zupkoff was among those chosen. Part of the evaluation process, according to the council, involved the individual’s overall interest in economic development.

Zupkoff’s work ethic and conscientious approach have not gone unnoticed by trustees, who as a group have praised him publicly on a number of occasions in Board Meetings.

“Really good job to Andrew, working on scholarships to pay for classes he’s taking,” Trustee Jim Peck said during an October meeting in noting Zupkoff’s initiative.

Zupkoff’s November 6 report to trustees noted that he attended and graduated from the Illinois Basic Economic Development Course in October in Naperville. This event was hosted by Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville, along with the International Economic Development Council. According to Zupkoff, the BEDC is one of two primary prerequisites for attaining the certified economic developer designation through the IEDC.

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